Run your Forex business in one place

Today’s forex business is a daily struggle for getting the most out of your white-label technology providers. The market is full of trading plugins, each solving specific tasks, but there is no real synergy among them. This makes it very hard to have a clear picture of the current state of your forex business. With that in mind we have focused on accommodating the day-to-day needs of a brokerage business into one product suite – BrokerTools.

From client lead to signed customer

By utilizing our flexible options for customer sign-up, the broker staff is immediately notified when customers are added in BrokerTools, changes in the KYC (Know Your Customer) process are made and when trading accounts are created and funded. The customer can choose from a vast range of payment options to have the account funded and start trading. BrokerTools tracks all actions made by staff and customer as well as trade history so that the broker at any given time can review the event log of a customer. It also has a flexible built-in access management layer to control what information is visible to certain roles.

Risk Management

BrokerTools provides a complete real-time access to create or edit of trading platform configuration such as spreading, commission settings and margin requirements. Having access to A/B book management, segregated exposure charts and extensive reporting, the broker has the business intelligence that enables them to make the right decisions at any given time. We have strived to make BrokerTools as easy and effective to use in order for the broker to control the business risk with minimal efforts.

Technical advantage for your forex business

Staying at the forefront of competition and becoming a market leader is dependent on an organization’s ability to adapt to current market conditions. BrokerTools lets brokers focus on what they know best and leave the technical advancement to us. As market conditions change, so do we.

When setting up your forex business make sure to choose a white-label technology provider that gives you the ability to manage your day-to-day activities, including configuration, client on-boardings, risk management, money management and reporting among other things.

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