Our CRM is a powerful tool that helps brokers organize and manage contacts, while accelerating sales, marketing, service and operations activities for their Brokerage business.

CRM is one of the top choices for all professional businesses – includes everything your team needs to convert more leads into customers.

Grow Sales & Increase Revenue

Boost Customer Retention

Leverage Customer Service

Improve Team Performance

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CRM - Try a free demo

Advanced features that will boost your Brokerage business

CRM is equipped with advanced tools and functions helping your Brokerage business management to be easy and flexible:

Lead Generation

Generate quality leads from different sources by qualifying, nurturing, and finally converting them into customers

Pipeline Management

Manage incoming sales opportunities and track them across different stages until they are finally closed

Activity Tracking

Eliminate all the paperwork and allow your sales team to sell more and better – upload documents, take orders, and prepare reports in no time

Workflow Automation

Automate workflow: from communicating with customers and tracking campaigns, to overviewing sales performance

Optimizing your sales process has never been easier. With our CRM, broker can simply:

While our CRM is powerful on its own, integrating CRM with other BrokerTools modules across your sales stack makes your job so much easier. Let your CRM reaches its full potential when it’s fully connected!

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CRM - Try a free demo