Prop Trading

Engage, Qualify, Earn

With Prop Trading you as a broker define prop challenges and enable your traders to get access to a funded account if they meet the goals.

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Prop Trading

Prop Trading - Get a free demo

What is Prop Trading?

Proprietary Trading, commonly referred to as Prop Trading, describes the practice where traders engage in trading activities using the capital of a prop firm or financial institution rather than their own capital. These traders participate in a range of financial markets and use a variety of financial instruments.

A prop trading firm is a company that provides its traders with access to capital. In return, the traders share a percentage of the profits they generate with the company.

A modern take on the prop trading concept, is the use of trading challenges where potential traders can prove themselves in terms if risk awareness and performance before receiving a funded account.

Scalable and Dynamic Prop Trading Solution

Prop Trading gives a new market for broker and it is an easy to understand concept by end-client:

  • Create multiple challenges with custom goals on challenge, verification and funded account phase,
  • Works in collaboration with other BrokerTools modules or as standalone solution,
  • Broker can track participants’ statuses,
  • Fully integrated with BrokerTools Cashier for easy payment of challenge fees (80+ PSPs integrated),
  • Easy to understand interface for prop traders to track challenge growth,
  • Use any trading platform supported by BrokerTools (*).

(*) Certain features in prop trading module are limited based on trading platform’s capabilities.

Feature-Rich Powerhouse Solution

Our comprehensive solution offers a robust suite of tools designed to streamline your prop trading program and empower both you and your prop firm partners:

  • Seamless Account Management: Manage all aspects of your prop trading program with ease. Our user-friendly interface allows you to create and manage prop accounts, track performance, and monitor risk in real-time.

  • Automated Challenge System: Design and launch customizable prop trading challenges with ease. Set specific performance goals, risk parameters, and reward structures to attract the best talent and identify top performers.

  • Performance Analytics Dashboard: Gain valuable insights into the performance of your prop traders. Our comprehensive analytics dashboard provides detailed metrics on profitability, risk management strategies, and overall trading behavior. This data can be used to identify trends, optimize your prop program, and reward top performers.

  • Integration with Leading Platforms: Our solution seamlessly integrates with popular MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms, allowing prop traders to utilize their preferred tools and strategies. This ensures a smooth trading experience and fosters a familiar environment for your prop traders.

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Get a free demo

Get a free demo
Prop Trading

Prop Trading - Get a free demo

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