About us

Our mission

The Forex market has long since been in need of a revolution. Nothing would please us more than to be the catalyst that pushes this revolution forward. By offering a modular complete solution for brokerages, Fair Trading Technology hopes to revolutionize this segment of the industry and possible the industry as a whole, by showing people that there is a fair and honest way to conduct business in the FX market without compromising speed of efficiency.

Since its release, we have continued to evolve the T3 Integration Hub adding more control and options and at the same time improve speed and execution. We have developed an innovative back office for operating your Forex brokerage as well as giving your traders and partners access to vital functions and at the same time enabling self-service.

We are constantly trying to find new ways to push our technology to innovate in the Forex industry and promote an honest and free market.

Core values

Honesty. Security. Innovation. Transparency.

Since its start, these have been the guiding principles of Fair Trading Technology and what we feel should be basis of the entire Forex industry. As traders ourselves, we saw problems in the current way of doing things. We saw a great tool in MetaTrader 4, but also realized that with no transparency, traders were unable to tell whether their orders were actually reaching the open market. It was clear that what was lacking in the market was a bridge between MetaTrader 4 and true liquidity. When we began this journey we had to decide on the approach we would take. Conventional approaches would simply not work, so we threw out every notion about how this industry worked and designed a solution that works for both brokers and traders. We wanted traders to be able to trade in the best possible environment, using whichever trading platform they wanted, by giving brokers the tools to be able to offer just that with no barriers. This was the notion that created the T3 Integration Hub, the first technology to offer a fully transparent MT4 to ECN solution. While we originally developed the bridge for internal use, we quickly realized that other traders could benefit from both the tool and the guiding principles behind it.


Revolutionizing the foreign exchange industry is no small task. We believe it can be accomplished without brute force and regulation, but instead with innovation and transparency. Using an honest and common sense approach can pave the way to a secure market without conflict of interest.

Fair Trading Technology wants to work with those who share our core values to promote synergies that allow us to empower our clients with cutting-edge thinking and technology. To be an independent technology provider who is also a trusted partner, whose business model is in your best interests, promoting honesty, security, innovation and transparency. Raising the bar to force others to do the same.

In the end, that really is our goal: to simply raise the bar. To create a new standard. To evolve.