Partner Management

The right way to your automated IB partner strategy.

“Introducing broker (IB solution) management could help accelerate your forex business fast than you could imagine. Knowing how to cater to your IBs is the key to success. Brokers need to take care of their IBs from various aspects – provide them with flexible commission schedules, the right tools to build their business, make it easy for them to monitor their performance, and give them various payout options. Modern brokers are automating their IB solution.”

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Partner Management

Partner Management - Get a free demo

Let your IB mind their own business

Managing your partner program and commissions can be a challenging and resource intensive task but with our IB solution module Partner Manager with multi-level support, the system takes care of all that for you.

Our IB solution gives you a complete system to successfully manage and grow your IB business.

  • IB adds a sub IB

    In the Partner Management Module, an IB can add a sub-IB and sub-IB can sign up via IB’s link.

  • Sub-IB sets up a tracking link

    After a sub-IB logins to Partner Room, s/he can create a custom link with the right trading conditions, i.e, instrument list, commission and spreading group.

  • Trader creates a trader profile

    With the link from the sub-IB, trader can fill in the form and creates a trading account. Trader is then automatically added to the group selected by the sub-IB with the right commission and spread setting.

  • Sub-IB monitor trader's performance

    When a trader starts to trade, sub-IB can monitor trader’s trading activities. Commissions for sub-IB and IB are automatically calculated.

  • Sub-IB get paid

    When the accumulated commission reaches the minimum payout level, Sub-IB can cash out the commission, either to a trading account or via wire transfer or third party payment provider.

  • IB gets paid

    IB can monitor the indirect trader’s commission with a limited view and the commissions generated by the sub-IB. S/he can then cash out with the preferred payment option as well.

What else is included in the IB solution?

Learn how our Partner Management module can help you grow your business.

  • Multi level IB

    Fully automated & self-managed IB system for your convenience

    • - Top-down or down-up commission sharing
    • - Multiple commission models (Rev share, CTA, AC)
    • - All calculations and commission spreading to multi-level IB trees are handled by system
  • IB Room

    Let IB's mind their own business

    • - Quickly add sub IB's and customers to your network
    • - Keep track of client performance and commission
    • - Dynamic links route clients to chosen trading configuration with ease instant access to broker promotional material
  • Reporting

    Easy tracking of your partner commissions

    • - Marketing & traffic reports for IB's to analyse campaigns
    • - Broker commission reports with drilldown support to trace commission's point of origin
    • - Keep track of how your partner commission affect your net profit

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What will you get?

Personal account manager — enjoy special care from a resource that knows your business

Professional training — our skilled support team will guide you in every step of the way

Lifetime upgrades — instantly get access to new core features in the platform

Customer support 24/6 — speak to us via phone, email or chat

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Get a free demo

Get a free demo
Partner Management

Partner Management - Get a free demo

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