Social Trading

Create a social trading network on your own.

With Social Trading you as a broker create a network where experienced traders are given the opportunity to share knowledge on trading strategies with their followers, while you can effortlessly benefit from additional revenue streams.

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Get a free demo
Social Trading

Social Trading - Get a free demo

Roles in Social Trading

Broker – Attract line of new traders on the market, increase your trading volumes and broker commission by having followers copy trade signals.
Follower – Copy signals from experienced traders, access wide range of in-depth performance statistics, and subscribe & unsubscribe at any time!
Signal owner – Share your expertise, but also earn additional copy trading fees from your followers, generated out of their subscriptions.

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Social Trading is connected with the entire BrokerTools solutions, allowing your clients to put their money to work.


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Get a free demo

Get a free demo
Social Trading

Social Trading - Get a free demo

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