Fair Trading Technology is a rising star in the fintech world, providing innovative solutions for online trading brokers and their clients. But, we don’t go alone. We understand the power of collaboration and offer a variety of exciting partnerships to fuel mutual growth.

Agency Model

We offer rewards to agents with expertise and networks ready to tap into the new client segments and markets, accelerating mutual business growth.

Product Integration

We collaborate with established players in the fintech space to develop groundbreaking solutions and shape the future of the industry.

Becoming an Agent - steps

1. KYC Verification

Submit your details and relevant documents for a quick Know Your Customer (KYC) check. This ensures a smooth and secure partnership foundation.

2. Introducer Agreement

Sign an Introducer Agreement outlining the terms and conditions of your collaboration. It will be your handshake agreement on the path to mutual success.

3. Clients Prospecting

Leverage your expertise and network to connect potential clients with Fair Trading Technology. Be the agent of opportunity, showcasing the value their solutions offer.

4. Contract Finalization

Guide qualified leads through the sales process and witness the exciting moment contracts are signed. Your commission awaits as you celebrate a win-win outcome.

Agency Model

This model is designed to incentivize agents to promote and sell Fair Trading Technology’s solutions to their existing client base within the fintech industry. Agents will earn commissions based on the revenue generated from successful client acquisitions.


Example of agency model

Partnership Benefits for Agents:

  • Access to cutting-edge fintech solutions: Offer valuable tools and resources to their clients, enhancing their competitiveness
  • Revenue stream: Generous commissions on successful client acquisitions
  • Training and support: We will provide co-branded marketing materials, sales training, and technical support
  • Exclusive partnership opportunities: Potential for early access to our new products and services, special pricing for clients, and other benefits.

Responsibilities of Agents:

  • Proactively promote Fair Trading Technology’s solutions to their existing client base
  • Identify and qualify potential Fair Trading Technology’s clients
  • Manage the sales process from lead generation to contract closure
  • Provide ongoing support and training to Fair Trading Technology’s clients
  • Maintain open communication with Fair Trading Technology regarding client feedback and market trends.

Integration steps

1. Product Evalution

We begin by thoroughly evaluating the partner’s product. Assessing its functionality, compatibility with our platform, and value proposition for our customers.

2. KYC Verification

We start with conducting a Know Your Customer (KYC) check on the partner company. This ensures their financial stability, security practices, and overall reliability.

3. Defining Partnership Terms

By discussing and solidifying the partnership terms through a comprehensive contract. This covers data privacy, service level agreements (SLAs), revenue sharing, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

4. Developing and Implementing Integration

Development and implementation of the integration points between our systems.This may involve API interactions, pre-built connectors, or custom development depending on the specific solution.

Product Integration

This model allows Fair Trading Technology to collaborate with other technology companies by integrating their respective SaaS products, creating a more comprehensive and valuable offering for both companies’ customers.

Integration Types:

  • API-based integration: Direct connection between systems for seamless data exchange and functionality
  • Pre-built connectors: Ready-made integrations offered through marketplaces or dedicated platforms
  • Custom integrations: Tailored solutions developed jointly by Fair Trading Technology and the partner company.

Example of integration

Partnership Benefits for SaaS Companies:

  • Enhanced product value: Provide a more comprehensive and integrated solution for customers, increasing satisfaction and retention
  • Expanded market reach: Leverage each other’s customer base and distribution channels to reach new markets and segments
  • Brand and technology synergy: Combine expertise and brand recognition to create a stronger market presence
  • Joint marketing and sales initiatives: Collaborate on marketing campaigns and sales efforts to promote the integrated solution
  • Cost-effective development: Share development costs for custom integrations.

Responsibilities of Partner Companies:

  • Develop and maintain the technical connection between their systems and Fair Trading Technology’s solutions
  • Provide technical support and documentation for the integrated solution
  • Participate in joint marketing and sales initiatives
  • Share customer feedback and market insights with Fair Trading Technology.

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