BrokerTools is about to receive a new look and feel!

In order to provide a better user experience, we have given the broker back office BrokerTools a well-needed face-lift since its original design dating back to 2012. The layout is now utilizing a side navigation menu with a larger main content area and an updated responsive design that works better on mobile devices of all sizes.

Apart from the already implemented changes, we will strive to keep updating the design in subsequent product releases, further enhancing the design to follow the latest trends and be more user-friendly. Besides graphical changes, we are also reviewing some of the most common use-cases to make it more intuitive and less complicated.

Highlighted changes

  • New sidebar navigation menu
  • Full width on the main content, making it easier to work with data-rich profiles and larger table sets
  • Redesigned login and signup pages
  • My profile menu added to host language selection, profile settings and log-out
  • Improved responsive design for mobile devices of all sizes.

We are very excited about this update and hope that you will like it as much as we do!

The new design will be rolled out individually per broker during the following weeks with plenty of time to apply your company branding options on the new design. If you have any questions just contact our Client Services team and we will assist you.

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