Risk-free deals

Risk-free deals as opportunity in trading

Risk-free deals, also known as guaranteed stop-loss or zero-risk trades, have become a popular marketing strategy among Forex brokers. Whenever traders enter a position, they expose themselves to the possibility of losing capital. In  such case, brokers provide risk-free deals to traders with the promise of security and the sense that they can take risks without suffering losses.

Benefits of risk-free deals for brokers

Risk-free deals are beneficial to brokers in the following ways:

  1. Attracting new clients: Risk-free deals are a great marketing tool that encourages potential traders to register and start trading with the broker. By offering risk-free trades, brokers can grab the attention of traders who are hesitant to invest money in the markets.
  2. Encouraging active trading: Traders who are given a risk-free trade are more likely to be active in the markets, trying out different trading strategies and exploring new assets. This can lead to an increase in trading volume and commissions earned by the broker.
  3. Building trust: Offering risk-free trades can help build trust between brokers and traders. When traders are assured that they can trade without the fear of losing money, they are more likely to trust the broker and remain loyal to them.
  4. Promoting brand awareness: Brokers who offer risk-free trades are likely to get more exposure as traders share their experiences with friends and family. This can lead to an increase in brand awareness and attract more clients to the broker.
  5. Opportunity for up-selling: Once traders have used their risk-free trades, they may be more likely to invest their own money with the broker. This presents the broker with an opportunity to up-sell products and services to the trader, leading to increased revenue.

Fair Trading Technology’s BrokerTools solution for
risk-free deals

At Fair Trading Technology, we are committed to empowering brokers with the tools and resources they need to make informed decisions. We understand the importance of risk-free deals and educate our clients on the risks and rewards of trading. We offer a range of trading solutions, including multi-asset platforms, liquidity aggregation, and bonus systems, to help our clients succeed in the market.

Our BrokerTools integration to multi-asset trading platforms offers advanced tools that allow brokers and traders to monitor their trades in real-time, set customized alerts, and view risk metrics. In a nutshell, process is quite simple and easy to implement:

  1. Risk-free deals are part of the BrokerTools Bonus System,
  2. Risk-free deals are triggered by initial deposit,
  3. Each bonus level can be configured to get different amount of risk-free deal based on deposit size,
  4. System can auto close positions held longer than 24 hours* (*applies to X Open Hub platform only),
  5. Detailed reporting is offered to brokers and end-users when risk-free deals get activated.

At Fair Trading Technology, we believe in transparency and fairness in trading. We work with our clients to ensure that their trading experience is seamless, secure, and profitable. We are committed to providing the best technology solutions to enhance brokers’ experiences and promote their growth in the market.

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