FTT unveils newly designed website

Fair Trading Technology (FTT), a provider of brokerage business solutions, has launched a newly designed website that offers detailed solutions information, enhanced industry focus, and covers the latest technologies and advances for brokerage trading platforms, and services.

The new site places a large emphasis on visitor experience and provides streamlined, modern design, improved functionality, and accessible resources to support the informational needs of clients and prospects alike.

Easily accessible information to our stakeholders

We have been working hard to give our website an upgrade. Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors, clients, partners, and end users a new ecosystem that will help them develop a better understanding about FTT. They will find a sleek new comprehensive site that delivers the information they need to make smart business decisions.

The website provides easily accessible information for potential clients, businesses, and technology partners to gain key insight into FTT’s solutions and deliver personalized and engaging content and experiences about brokerage solutions from the FTT’s optimized platforms.

New, clean, and modern design

The new www.fairtradingtech.com website offers a clean and modern design, with information that will be updated on a regular basis with news articles, use cases, new product launch updates and more. The newly designed website offers detailed information on the financial solutions FTT develops and provides as well as educational information about brokerage business technology platforms that enable clients to experience the most advanced, secured, and convenient tools as such.

Enhanced sections of the website

An enhanced section of the website features simplified booking of BrokerTools solutions, an improved sections of educational materials offering ebooks, and flexible communication with our customer service.

As we move into the new business chapters website will soon get few other sections, so the audience will get easier access to the main FTT’s products and solutions.

Experience the new website

To experience the new website, visit www.fairtradingtech.com.

For marketing and press releases, partnerships, and media relations, please contact: marketing@fairtradingtech.com.

For information about our BrokerTools, and brokerage business solutions we provide, please contact: sales@fairtradingtech.com.

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