Increased flexibility on revenue sharing to introducers

In our BrokerTools Partner Management module, we have, since its inception, supported a variety of remuneration options for introducers by the broker such as cost per acquisition (CPA), revenue share (fixed pip & percentage of spread/commission), additional commission, percentage of asset management volume and store purchases by clients.

Brokers of today are facing a new landscape where they need to adapt to the individual needs of the introducers to stay attractive as a partner and so they need a system that supports this in an intuitive, logical and automated way.

Therefore, as of BrokerTools 3.16.1 we have introduced a new set of options in Partner Management section for Revenue sharing:

  • Classic
  • Group

Using the Classic mode, the system would calculate a percentage of the markup or standard commission fees added on groups and allocate this to the introducer. The percentage values can be set on a system default level but also be custom set on each individual introducer tree.

Using the Group option, the system will check revenue share settings on the individual group of the trader’s account to determine how much commission to assign to the introducer. Besides the usual percentage values on instrument/group spread and standard commission, the broker can now also set a fixed value in pips and money.

With this new functionality, brokers can support the demand to offer a fixed pip revenue share to introducers and also be able to set different values per group’s assigned securities, something that was not possible in the Classic mode where only one fixed pip value was available for all trades.

While the broker can choose the default model to use, Classic or Group, they can always override the system default on an individual tree if preferred.

For introducers, a new section has been added to the Partner Dashboard commission tab to illustrate the revenue sharing details on a more detailed level per group and attached security group. Introducer will see these values for all trading groups made visible for them as well as the groups any referred clients belong to.

To learn more about this feature and advice on enabling it, speak to the Client Services team for assistance.

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