BrokerTools is up for a facelift!

During the past couple of months, our development team has been working day & night (almost at least) on a redesign project to reshape our BrokerTools solution into a more modern and customizable interface. Built upon a Bootstrap 4 framework with a touch of material design onto it while at the same time adding some of our own FTT flavor onto it, our goal was to make it something that feels fresh and unique in order to stand out from the crowd. To get to know a couple of the areas we have been working on, just keep on reading below.

Improved landing pages

The login and registration pages have been updated to a sidebar oriented layout. Brokers can choose whether to use this approach or a center layout version as before. A nice benefit of sidebar layout is that it enables the broker to utilize this larger background to furher strengthen the brand awareness as well as add promotional messages. You can also specify a custom background image on individual signup pages so that the broker can tailor them with specific promotional messages.

Besides a more clean layout with fields using placeholders instead of labels to preserve space, it also contains convenient links for redirecting the user to “register an account” page as well as navigating to login screen for those users that already have an account.

We have also decreased the number of default mandatory fields on signup to a bare minimum to increase client retention for the broker. In collaboration with our extended registration flow within Trader or Partner Room, the broker will still be in direct control of what data they need to request from the client before allowing the account to make deposits and start trading.

Optimised dashboards

Both the customer and the introducing partner now have new dashboards that welcome them when they login. Having focused on moving away some of the content that is considered not critical for daily use into the “My Profile” section, the result is a more clean dashboard. This is where the trader can easily review his current account status, get informed about major news via the built in economic calendar and download the trading app of choice from the account menu.

Asset Management enhancements

Besides adapting to a more crisp design, we have also added some nice new features into our Asset Management module for mutual benefit of both the investor as well as strategy owner. How about:

  • New automatic risk rating system based on standard deviation
  • Increased granularity for performance metrics (weekly, monthly quarterly and yearly)
  • More accessible information about tier levels for strategies (one-time, recurring, performance)

Not only are these valuable tools for the investor when making their decision, it also promotes you as a broker as a professional provider of investment solutions.

Customizable by you – for you

With a brand new white label section, the broker can with ease add their own touch to the colors applied as well as make specific overrides using the custom CSS system. Put your style on the application main framework, buttons, messages and charts and instantly apply the settings.

Add your own logos into the system for the various places needed: login, header section, report templates, emails.

Next steps

Fair Trading Technology will never settle for anything less than the best product for our clients so we will keep adding more features, improve the design & usability as well as helping our clients to achieve their business goals.

If you are already an active client, you can contact Client Services team via our support channels to learn how to enable this and have them assist you with the migration.

Interested in knowing more about BrokerTools or have an idea for an improvment? Just drop us a message here and we’ll contact you to see how we can help you grow your business!

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