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Trader’s Room

“As a trader, when choosing a broker, I always check if my broker could cater to my needs – a smooth signup process, great trading experiences, and a comprehensive Trader’s Room. “


In our Trader’s Room, we make it easy for a trader to manage activities in a user-friendly environment. Traders can easily access the back office from anywhere, anytime to manage account opening, deposit and withdrawal.

On top of that, Trader’s Room is more than just a client area for brokers. It creates a great possibility for brokers to upsell their clients educational materials, store products or published investment strategies (requires Asset Management). It works seamlessly with our Back Office and offers you the best combination.

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Offering deposit the way your trader likes

Trader’s Room module, together with other components of BrokerTools, supports various ways of transactions, no matter if it is wire transfer, Unionpay, cryptocurrencies or any other payment method, we make it to work.


Your gateway to Asian market


Credit/debit card payment


Credit/debit card payment


Bitcoin and ethereum deposit


Online cash vouchers

Wire Transfer

Bank to bank transfer
  • Trader makes first deposit after account gets approved

    In Trader’s Room, trader clicks on deposit, choose the preferred payment method. BrokerTools automatically shows available payment providers then trader gets redirected to the payment page and complete the transaction.

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    Broker launches cryptocurrency as new payment method and offers bonus

    Broker adds cryptocurrencies as a payment method and adds a bonus scheme for deposit through cryptocurrencies. Then the broker sends the promotion as a message to all traders.

  • Trader makes second deposit with Bitcoin and gets bonus for trading

    The trader gets an internal message from the broker regarding the bonus and makes a deposit with Bitcoin.

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    Broker reviews the transaction and adds bonus for the trader

    There the broker adds a bonus as credits which trader can use to trade but cannot withdraw.

  • Trader gets the bonus added to the balance

    The trader gets the bonus added to his/her balance.

  • Trader starts to trade

    With his/her new balance and bonus, the trader starts to trade.

Comprehensive functions

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