If you are looking for an exciting career with a global perspective and the opportunity to be part of a team that is working to literally change an industry, we just may have an offer you can‘t refuse.

As an employee of Fair Trading Technology, you’ll be joining a fast-paced, exciting work environment, with skilled colleagues with a broad range of experience, from all corners of the globe. We pride ourselves on thinking differently and are always on the look out for talented people who are looking for new challenges to solve old problems in new, potentially industry-changing ways.

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Medior PHP Developer

Help make our application future proof by utilizing the latest web technologies!

Marketing Assistant

Looking for experienced digital marketer who wants to make a difference!

Marketing Manager

We need you for building our marketing strategy of tomorrow!

Get to know us

Curious what working at Fair Trading Technology is like?
Meet some of our current employees to find out what to expect when you join the team.

Jonas Eldborn

Chief Executive Officer

How would you describe working at Fair Trading Technology?
Working with FTT is by far the most interesting thing I’ve done in my professional career. During my time here I have grown as a person and acquired new skills as well as improved some existing ones to a higher level. It’s an inviting place to work in having great colleagues with an awesome team spirit as well as an inspiring office design with a lot of light and openness. It just feels “right”.

What is the best thing about working at Fair Trading Technology?
The best thing about FTT is the challenges that you encounter every day. When working as a tech solution provider within the forex industry this requires constantly adapting to market needs of our clients which reflects in a constant pursuit for ways to achieve end customer satisfaction. It’s also interesting to use the information provided by the market and customers to build the next generation solutions for our clients and by doing so improving the business opportunities for them.

What would you say to those thinking about applying for a job at Fair Trading Technology?
If you think of your job as just a way to pay the bills, then FTT might not be the company for you. We “live” our job and by such we always aim to put in that little extra effort in order to reach the goals. It’s challenging, fast-paced and tough. But at the same time it’s very rewarding in terms of personal development and possibilities. We are very open-minded and encourage our staff to speak up on things we can improve, both in business cases and for internal needs.

Stephen Barton

Web & Database Administrator

How would you describe working at Fair Trading Technology?
Working here the tasks are varied and there is a feeling that we are all pulling together. There are no departmental silos here, everyone is focused on common goals and everyone is incredibly friendly and supportive of each other.

What is the best thing about working at Fair Trading Technology?
For me the best thing is the work itself. I am given the freedom to tackle challenging problems in my own way and to develop knowledge and understanding while doing so. This is a great place to accelerate your learning, whatever the role you may have.