Redefine your IB business.

The standard business model for retail FX brokers, working with Introducing Brokers (IBs), is one where the IBs are generating leads on behalf of the clearing broker and once the lead has been converted into an account with the broker, the IB will receive a commission.

Unlike any other IB, we have tailor-made a solution to differentiate your business – Build your brand, not your broker’s. Own your customers and grow with them.

Learn how you redefine your business with our solution.

Build your own brand, not the broker’s

MT4 and Back office with your brand

As an introducing broker, you will be the owner of your own brand, symbolized with the fact that the white/grey label from MetaQuotes will be with your name and logo and not the clearing broker, as well as the backoffice BrokerTools – will be customized to strengthen your branding strategy.

Scale your business with no limitations

Tools from A – Z to monetize your business

Whether running a Forex forum or a value-added service, we provide all necessary tools to manage campaigns, communicate with clients, solicit clients through your website to BrokerTools for client registration, and finally monetize your site. On top of this, you will have the ability to create MT4 groups and spreading the price from your broker.

Let your broker deal with the regulatory tasks

Work with our regulated broker partners

The underlying broker – the Clearing Broker – will be in control of all activities that you would call ‘regulated’ such as being the counterparty to the trades from the end-client, performing KYC, approving the end-clients and handling all cash deposits and withdrawal

Here’s how we power your business…

Smooth signup & KYC process

The client’s signs up from the form on the IB’s site. The broker will get notified and can guide and assist the client in completing the KYC process. Once the client is approved, the IB will get notified and can create a trading account for the client.

  • Signup page templates or through API
  • Custom signup fields and flow
  • KYC management (ID, Utility bill)
  • Notification emails to broker and IB
  • Automatic trading account (MT4) creation

Manage Transactions

Your broker will be managing the transactions, from bank wire to online payment gateways.


Client funds account via Trader’s Room using Payment Gateway with Broker’s merchant account.
BrokerTools sends e-mail to Broker to review deposit.
Broker approves that funds have been received and deposit is now visible in trading account.


Client withdraws money from account.
BrokerTools sends e-mail to Broker to review withdrawal.
Broker sends funds and approve withdrawal in BrokerTools.

Set Commissions

IB can group clients based on client’s segmentation and create different trading conditions for different groups, such as:

Create MT4 groups

  • Set markup based on Security groups
  • Set commission based on Security groups

Add Instrument markup

  • Set markup on individual instrument (With ordering of MT4 WL)

Marketing Tools

IB can perform multiple marketing tasks in BrokerTools, such as:

  • Signup links for automatic account creation
  • Resources section for Client / Sub-IB segments
  • Multi-level affiliate tracking
  • QR code for signup
  • And much more

Explore how our technology can take your IB business to the next level

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