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Learn more about the Crypto Brokerage, and offer your clients cryptocurrency trading, supported by our BrokerTools Asset Management (PAMM).

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Increase revenue by 30% or more
with our BrokerTools Asset Management

As a trusted partner of brokerage companies around the world,
FTT’s full-service platforms and solutions help companies sell more, stay lean, and compete big.

7+ million global transactions powered by FTT's solutions

Multi-asset platforms with
15+ languages supported world-wide

Increase of average order value with FTT's integrated modules

Our BrokerTools Asset Management (PAMM) is an ultra-flexible and versatile solution for the brokerage business
that is looking to launch or expand the range of operations with cryptocurrencies.
We offer you a choice of two platform solutions (MetaTrader and X Open Hub) backed by more than a decade of software development, to arrange your financial brokerage processes exactly the way you want.

Everything you need to know

FTT Education and Training center provides you a series of free edition ebooks
covering topics of FTT’s solutions for brokerage companies.

Turnkey Brokerage Solutions - MetaTrader

Find out how FTT’s MT4 and MT5 solutions deliver seamless experiences directly to your brokerage business.

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Turnkey Brokerage Solutions - X Open Hub

Learn how FTT’s X Open Hub can help your brokerage efficiency and steady business growth.

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BrokerTools - All-in-one brokerage solution

Learn how you can start and grow your business
with the FTT’s BrokerTools solution.

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