Meet us @ iFX EXPO International 2018

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Come and meet Fair Trading Technology at iFX EXPO International Booth No. 68.

The largest financial B2B expo, iFX EXPO international, will take place the 23-25 May 2018 in Limassol, Cyprus.

With an increase in the demand for MetaTrader 5 (MT5), during this year’s expo we will present our BrokerTools optimized for MT5. Different packages for MT5 brokerage will be there for you to choose. Whether you are a startup company or sophisticated broker, we believe we have something for you.

If you are looking for a solution to start or expand your forex brokerage, or if you just want to mingle and talk about your business ideas, take this chance to let us know you.

Use the contact form to book a meeting or approach us at Booth No. 68!

Fair Trading Technology successfully passed ISAE 3402 review

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During this year’s annual audit season, Fair Trading Technology (FTT Sweden AB) has successfully passed the International Standard on Assurance Engagement (ISAE) No. 3402 type I audit. Over the years, ISAE 3402 has been established to offer an international standard on the controls at service organizations that are likely to influent the user organization’s system over financial reporting.

Fair Trading Technology (FTT) is a well renowned software-as-a-service provider to the forex industry, offering scalable solution for forex brokers of all sizes. FTT provides white labels of third-party trading platforms, access to liquidity providers through our bridging technology, and back office tools including the trader’s room, affiliate system and CRM in our proprietary BrokerTools suite.

To further illustrate, in this ISAE 3402 report we have covered various aspects of our controls towards different stages of the white label business, including but not limited to, the technology, control environment, key business and IT procedures and controls.

After viewing the report, the service auditor expressed positive opinion on the relevant features of FTT’s controls which are appropriately designed to accomplish control goals and have been effectively placed in operation.

With the approval from the independent service auditor, FTT Sweden AB is an ISAE 3402 approved White Label provider. The CEO, Jonas Eldborn, gives a short message regarding the audit:

We place great emphasis on our clients. We understand they care about their business as well as security, that is why we put extra effort ibuilding a bespoke solution for our clients while establishing effectively designed controls. Getting the ISAE 3402 quality assurance this year is just another proof that brokers can rely on us.”

Meet us at the iFX EXPO International 2017

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Come and meet the Fair Trading Technology team at iFX EXPO International Booth No. 107 – 108.

The expo is the largest financial B2B expo, which takes place the 23-25 of May in Limassol, Cyprus.

This year, we will be demonstrating for the first time the new structure of commission calculation for the Partner Room – to support sophisticated Introducing brokers business for forex brokers, as well as other new features such as custom design for white label brokers.

If you are looking for a solution to start or expand your FX brokerage, or if you just want to mingle and talk about your business ideas, take this chance to let us know you.

Use the contact form to book a meeting or approach us at Booth No. 107 – 108!

custom broker white label

Empower your white label with custom design

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In the latest version of BrokerTools (3.10.19) we give even more flexibility to your custom broker white label.

New e-mail template engine

Brokers can customize their e-mail templates for notifications using Twig template engine. This means that brokers no longer have to contact Client Services to customize their templates giving them easy access to change content. For example, you can add promotional content or adapt the text to fit your market.

CSS and color schemas

Brokers will also be able to configure the CSS and color schema settings of BrokerTools themselves, adding more flexibility and giving a better possibility of creating a personalized experience for the clients.

Client Services will still be available to assist with your templates and CSS design if you might have any questions.

multi level affiliate

Exclusive multi level affiliate model now available for all

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In the latest version of BrokerTools (3.10.17) we are giving all brokers access to use the previously exclusive multi level affiliate tools.

BrokerTools now supports both Traditional and Multi Level affiliate model.

As a Broker, you have the opportunity to select from two affiliate models when onboarding your IB’s. Both with their unique set of features and strengths help you adapt your affiliate model to your market.

The traditional model supports CPA, Revenue Share and Volume Commission. IB’s and Sub-IB’s negotiate their own share between them and commission is configured on both broker and individual level.

The Multi level affiliate model makes it possible to setup multiple tiers of commission spread out throughout a tree of IB’s. Brokers have the possibility to setup tier levels with conditions that needs to be met, as well as paying out commission based on group volume.

Contact us for a demo

Feel free to reach out to us to get a demo of the new Multi Level affiliate model.

Run your forex business in one place

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Today’s forex business is a daily struggle for getting the most out of your white-label technology providers. The market is full of trading plugins, each solving specific tasks, but there is no real synergy among them. This makes it very hard to have a clear picture of the current state of your forex business. With that in mind we have focused on accommodating the day-to-day needs of a brokerage business into one product suite – BrokerTools.

From client lead to signed customer

By utilizing our flexible options for customer sign-up, the broker staff is immediately notified when customers are added in BrokerTools, changes in the KYC (Know Your Customer) process are made and when trading accounts are created and funded. The customer can choose from a vast range of payment options to have the account funded and start trading. BrokerTools tracks all actions made by staff and customer as well as trade history so that the broker at any given time can review the event log of a customer. It also has a flexible built-in access management layer to control what information is visible to certain roles.

Risk Management

BrokerTools provides a complete real-time access to create or edit of trading platform configuration such as spreading, commission settings and margin requirements. Having access to A/B book management, segregated exposure charts and extensive reporting, the broker has the business intelligence that enables them to make the right decisions at any given time. We have strived to make BrokerTools as easy and effective to use in order for the broker to control the business risk with minimal efforts.

Technical advantage for your forex business

Staying at the forefront of competition and becoming a market leader is dependent on an organization’s ability to adapt to current market conditions. BrokerTools lets brokers focus on what they know best and leave the technical advancement to us. As market conditions change, so do we.

When setting up your forex business make sure to choose a white-label technology provider that gives you the ability to manage your day-to-day activities, including configuration, client on-boardings, risk management, money management and reporting among other things.

asian forex brokers

The key to success for Asian forex brokers

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The Asian region is an economic hub with three out of the top five financial centers of the world. With 60% of the world population it makes it the fastest growing economy right now with China, India and Japan in the forefront.

In conversations with brokers and fin-tech consultants, it was very clear that the key for successful asian forex brokers is to have a good affiliate and Introducing Broker (IB) network. Trust takes long time to build up in Asian countries, and people are mindful of sending money offshore, making a local presence and tight relations with their IBs a necessity.

The value of building relationships on trust is what has made network marketing huge in Asia compared to Europe. In the same way Introducing Broker networks often run many levels deep with complex structures and commission plans.

Digging deeper, it became very clear that the existing tools for managing the Introducing Broker networks was often third-party tools – or even Excel spreadsheets – with no or limited integration into their trading platforms. Although manual labor is still cheap in Asia, it creates a time latency and overhead for the broker and introduces a big risk for human error.

The solution for managing Introducing Brokers

What you need is a technical solution tightly integrated to both your trading platforms and CRM. Where you as a broker can follow and monitor how your Introducing Broker network grows: how clients are acquired, how commissions are charged on all levels and which payments you need to send out.

But don’t forget your Introducing Brokers. They need their own tools in the same system for following the sales process, signing up sub-introducers and getting daily numbers generated to optimize their own marketing channels.

This is the idea behind Fair Trading Technology’s one solution philosophy for the Turn-Key BrokerTools package: CRM, Partner Manager, Traders Room, Bridge and Trading Platform (MetaTrader 4), all tightly integrated as one solution. Building and managing your Introducing Brokers is just a standard built-in part of the package.


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